Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 4-8(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Quality varies a lot between segments. Rio and Sao Paolo are the same as elsewhere on this site. Charleston is 8 mm shot from stage left. Picture is pretty bad, audio is not even remotely synched (the images seem to be from various parts of the show). Lisbon  is excellent, pro-shot, although a little grainy. Madrid is pro-shot but is totally washed-out and blurry so it's hard to make much of it.


Charleston 1983

Rio 1983 (see separate page)

Sao paolo 1983 (see separate page)

Lisbon 1983
Creatures of the night
Detroit rock city

Madrid 1983
Detroit rock city
Lick it up
Creatures of the night /Lick it up live collection