Creatures of the Night Media Collection
Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 7-9
Menu: YES
Extras: Still picture slide show on disc 2.
Comments: Good Japanese compilation. As usual from this era the quality is a little up and down. And how many lipsynced performances of I love it loud can one stand?  2-disc set.


Contents disc 1:
PM Magazine: KISS returns to America
Eyewitness News: Mardi Gras '83
Entertainment Tonight: Controversy with KISS
Nightside Specialist: Protesting KISS
CBS Nightwatch: The KISS... of death?
Radio Video interview
Radio Video performance
Brazilian TV: Live in Rio
News clip: God of thunder
News clip: Interview
Freeze Frame: Interview
USA's Night Flight: Interview pt. 1

Contents disc II:
MTV News: interview
Spanish TV: lipsync performance
Italian TV: lipsync performance
German TV: lipsync performance
Top Pop: lipsync performance
Top Pop: Behind the scenes
USA's Night Flight: Interview pt. 2