Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 8(+)
Menu: YES
Comments: 2 DVD compilation with a truckload of stuff. Most of it is available many times over though. The videos and the Frehley's Comet footage is excellent, really top notch; the Exposed outtakes are decent but grainy (see screenshots); and the various 70's era footage varies in quality. The only really interesting part of this DVD is the Exposed outtakes which show some deleted scenes and alternate takes as well as behind-the-scenes horsing around. We also get to see parts of the casting call for the girls in the video, 80's porn stars all. The second disc is faulty leaving on the first half of the Visual evolution watcheable.


Crazy nights videos
Psycho Circus video (both versions)
Exposed outtakes
Frehley's Comet Live+4
Vintage 70's footage (TV ads and promos)
A visual evolution
KISS and Tell