Date: 05-09-10
Venue: Nationwide Arena

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Sullyland version with remastered audio. Picture quality is the same as the previous version. Audio is a matter of taste really, overall the remastered audio is more "scooped" in the mids but the added highs does add a little bit of clarity. Since the original audio is distorted though the basic quality is still the same.


Detroit rock city
Makin' love (partial)
Lick it up
Got to choose
I love it loud
Christine sixteen
Love gun
Let me go, rock 'n roll
100,000 years
I was made for lovin' you
Shout it out loud
Cold gin
God of thunder
God gave rock 'n roll to you (II) (cut)
Columbus, OH 2005