Date: 08-03-16
Venue: Albert Park

Recording: AUD
Quality: 9
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: evy2000. Single cam a few rows back to the left. Fairly well-shot, just a bit shaky as can be expected and the usual obstructions when shooting from the "floor". Good picture quality with just a hint of pixelation here and there and a bit grainy once it gets dark. Overall a bit clearer than the screenshots. Audio is a different source and very nice, surprisingly well-balanced. Partial, missing more than a few songs. There are, however, plenty of cameras visible in the audience so perhaps more footage will show up.


Shout it out loud
Lick it up
100,000 years
God of thunder
Black diamond (slight cut)
Love gun
I was made for lovin' you
Rock and roll all nite (missing the very end)
Melbourne, Australia 2008