Date: 08-03-18
Venue: Brisbane Entertainment Center

Recording: AUD
Quality: 5
Menu: YES
Extras: TV ad
Comments: Obviously compiled from various internet sources. Picture quality is pixelated and mostly crap throughout. Audio varies quite a bit but is for the most part muffled and/or distorted and with digital artifacts. No attempt has been made get the songs in the proper order. Completists only.


Deuce (slight cut)
Shout it out loud
C'mon and love me (short snippet)
Lick it up
I love it loud (short snippet)
Shock me
Cold gin (short snippet)
Tommy's solo (cut)
Let me go, rock 'n roll
Eric's solo (cut)
Gene's solo
I love it loud (cut)
Black diamond
Detroit rock city
I was made for lovin' you
Show ending
Brisbane, Australia 2008