Date: 08-04-10
Venue: Corporation

Recording: AUD
Quality: 6-7(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: Alternate angle of Parasite
Comments: Compilation of 3 different angles (left, center and back left) put together and cleaned up by olbap12ar. The center angle (slightly left as well actually) is the best as far as picture quality goes but it is shaky. Audio varies a lot, from fairly tinny to over-compressed to crappy distorted/noisy. Not the best Ace DVD around but a decent document of the show.


Rip it out
Hard times
Rock soldiers
Into the void
Strange ways
Torpedo girl
Speedin' back to my baby
Five card stud
Trouble walkin'
New York groove
Shock me
Ace's solo
Rocket ride
Love her all I can
Love gun
Sheffield, England 2008