Date: 08-04-11
Venue: The Astoria

Recording: AUD
Quality: 5-7(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: 2 DVD set. YouTube clips compiled by Alex. Quality for the first disc is more or less appaling: the ratio aspect is all wrong, it's pixelated beyond belief and the audio is muffled and distorted. Disc 2 is from four different sources, some of which are pretty decent, others are abysmal. Whoever filmed these clips need to release them properly.


Setlist disc 1:
Rip it out
Hard times (cut)
Snow blind/I want you
Rock soldiers
Into the void
Torpedo girl/Speedin' back to my baby
Trouble walkin'
New York groove
2,000 man
Shock me
Ace's solo
Rocket ride
Love gun
Cold gin/Black diamond (outro)

Setlist disc 2:
Rip it out (largebloke)
Into the void (largebloke)
2,000 man (franbam)
Rocket ride (franbam)
Love her all I can (franbam)
Love her all I can/Love gun (juxx71)
Cold gin (juxx71)
Haxtall compilation
London, England 2008