Date: 08-06-15
Venue: Goffertpark (Arrow Rock Festival)

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7
Menu: YES (of sorts)
Extras: Twisted Sister doing You can't stop rock n' roll
Comments: LWS Productions. Single cam stage left. Fairly well-shot, amazingly so considering where it's shot from, but it's shaky. Partially shot on screen. Audio distorts every time the kick drum hits which is very annoying. And KISS in daylight just isn't right. Partial show: about 80 min.


Got to choose
Hotter than hell
C'mon and love me
Tommy's solo (cut)
Cold gin
Let me go, rock 'n roll
Rock and roll all nite
Lick it up
Gene's solo
I love it loud
I was made for lovin' you
Love gun
Detroit rock city (cut)
Nijmegen, Holland 2008