Date: 09-04-14
Venue: Estadio Nacional

Recording: AUD
Quality: 6(-)
Menu: NO
Extras: Some backstage footage before the show
Comments: Kuki version. Single cam on the floor stage left. Shooting is OK and the picture quality is decent, a few shakes and just a bit of pixelation. Unfortunately the audio is beyond crap. The kick and the bass overloads the input so much it's almost hard to figure out which song they're playing at times. The only things that sound good on this are the unaccompanied solos (except Eric's of course). Incomplete, contains only the Alive! part of the show.


Got to choose
Hotter than hell
Nothin' to lose
C'mon and love me
Tommy's solo
Watchin' you
100,000 years
Eric's solo
Cold gin
Let me go, rock n' roll
Black diamond
Rock and roll all nite
Lima, Peru 2009