Date: 09-07-15
Venue: Cisco Bluesfest

Recording: AUD
Quality: 6-8
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Licked Up version. More cams than you can shake a stick at went into this one. Most are of decent quality, one or two clunkers and a few of really good quality. Sadly the audio varies a lot too so this is a very uneven in quality, hence the rating. Sadly the video that produced the last three excellent screenshots is a bit jerky.


Got to choose
Hotter than hell
Nothin' to lose
C'mon and love me
Tommy's solo
Watchin' you
100,000 years
Eric's solo
Cold gin
Let me go, rock 'n' roll
Black diamond
Rock and roll all nite
Shout it out loud
Lick it up
Gene's solo
I love it loud
I was made for lovin' you
Love gun
Detroit rock city
Ottawa, Canada 2009