New York, NY 2009
Date: 09-10-10
Venue: Madison Square Garden

Recording: AUD
Quality: 9(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments [by Anonymous]: Duallayer. A multicam made by Skulljam9. This contains a mix between the NYCBC-2-cam and footage filmed by Skulljam9 from the 10th row. The NYCBC-show covers a mix between close up and wide shots from left and right balcony angles, and Skulljam9 supplies the center front row footage essentially covering all angles, and in great quality to boot. Skulljam9's film is a hint grainier on the close ups but the great live feel from front row shots makes more than up for that. The audio is concert-online 2.0  A 3-source matrix between concert-online and audience audio to give it a more live feel. The NYCBC 2-cam got a 9+ so this deserves a 9++. Very close to 10- Awesome.


Let Me Go, Rock and Roll
Hotter Than Hell
Got To Choose
Modern Day Delilah
C'mon and Love Me
Tommy's Solo
100,000 Years (w/ Eric's solo)
Gene's Solo
I Love It Loud
Black Diamond
Rock and Roll All Nite
Shout It Out Loud
Lick It Up
Cold Gin
Love Gun
Detroit Rock City