Date: 09-10-19
Venue: Pensacola Civic Center

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8
Menu: YES
Extras: TV ad and 13 minutes of footage from an alternative angle
Comments [by anonymous]: Filmed by Trailertrash/Gator-bootlegs from right balcony. Partial recording (64 minutes) that covers the first half of the show. This version is menued and has the concert online audio. Image is good (allthough not crystal clear), cam is steady. At the last song the filmer is focussing on the screen.
Halfway "I love it loud" the battery runs flat. New addition to the setlist is "Shock Me" sung by Thayer. The extra footage is synched to concert-online audio also and is very partial (13 min). It's shot from the left angle and is of lesser quality than the main recording (see screenshot 5).

Besides this version of the recording there is also a menued version doing the rounds that has the original cam audio, extra footage of opener Buckcherry but is missing the extra kiss footage (see last screenshot for menu).


Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll  
Hotter Than Hell
Shock Me
Modern Day Delilah  
Calling Dr. Love  
Tommy's Solo  
Gene's Solo
I Love It Loud
Pensacola, FL 2009