Date: 10-06-25
Venue: Azkena Rock Festival

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: 3 Pro-shot songs (last 2 screenshots)
Comments [by anonymous]: Filmed by Bilbaoisrock, authored and synced by Kisspep. Shot from the right side without much use of zoom. Partial (34 minutes), video quality is good and the filming is steady. As extra there are 3 pro-songs. Basicly a mix between 4 cams (stageshot center, screenshot, "flying" camera from the right side and a camera from the side of the stage left). Not superb HD quality but very good nonetheless. All synched to simfy audio with the original audio as second option.


Modern Day Delilah
Shock Me
I Love It Loud
Detroit Rock City
I Was Made For Loving You

Modern Day Delilah
Cold Gin
Let Me Go Rock n Roll
Vitoria, Spain 2010