New Jersey, 1976
Date: 76-07-10
Venue: Roosevelt Hall

Recording: PRO
Quality: 8
Menu: YES
Extras: "The loft tape" rehearsals and Destroyer dress rehearsals. All in B/W.
Comments: KISSVISION Remaster edition which is hazy and blurry. Part of "The loft tape" appears to be rehearsals for the Paul Lynde Halloween special since it appears to be playback for Love 'em & leave 'em. For other versions of the Roosevelt stadium footage see here: 75-76 live comp.



Roosevelt Hall:
Cold gin
Shout it out loud
Nothin' to lose
Do you love me?
Watchin' you
God of thunder
Flaming youth
Black diamond
Rock and roll all nite

"The loft tape":
Cold gin
God of thunder (w/ drum solo)
Rock and roll all nite
Black diamond
Love 'em & leave 'em

Detroyer dress rehearsal:
Detroit rock city
King of the night time world
Let me go, rock 'n' roll