Date: 83-06-25
Venue: Morumbi Stadium

Recording: AUD
Quality: 4(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: "Unmasked" press conference.
Comments: Compiled from multiple sources. First part, one camera stage left, sucks, a terrible-generation VHS copy where it's hard to make out anything at all. The picture is, quite frankly, abysmal. From God of thunder and onward the picture is better and filmed fairly close to the stage, almost from the photo pit. (Except a brief portion of Black diamond that is actually filmed from behind Eric.) Sound is a little better but with some slight dropouts. Missing Love gun and Strutter. For die-hard collectors/completists only.


Creatures of the night
Detroit rock city
Cold gin
Calling Dr. Love
I want you
I love it loud (partial)
War machine
God of thunder (partial)
I still love you (partial)
Black diamond (partial)
I love it loud
Rock and roll all nite (partial)
Sao Paolo, Brazil 1983