Date: 84-03-12
Venue: Colisée de Quebec

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: IAS 2009 version on dual layer. Apparently sourced from the Hambone version but this is darker, a bit smoother still and with more saturated colors. I personally like the 2 DVD upgrade better even if that one is a bit grainy, and picture-wise I prefer the Hambone over this. The 2 remastered audio tracks are a valiant effort but with the source material being what it is there's not much improvement to be had.


Creatures of the night
Detroit rock city
Cold gin
Fits like a glove
Gimme more
War machine
I love it loud
I still love you
Young and wasted
Love gun
All hell's breakin' loose
Black diamond
Lick it up
Rock and roll all nite
Quebec, Canada 1984