Date: 84-12-08
Venue: Cobo Arena

Recording: PRO
Quality: 10
Menu: YES
Extras: Biography and discography (in Portugese) and still photo gallery.
Comments: The Brazilian version of Animalize Live Uncensored. Since it's an official release the picture and sound are flawless. (Sound a little too much as there's obvious overdubbing going on.) It is a little annoying that the between-songs raps are subtitled (in both Japansese and Portugese) but the rest is awesome.


Detroit rock city
Cold gin
Creatures of the night
Fits like a glove
Heaven's on fire
Thrills in the night
Under the gun
War machine
Young and wasted
I love it loud
I still love you
Love gun
Black diamond
Lick it up
Rock and roll all nite
Detroit, Michigan 1984