Date: 85-12-07 & 85-12-08
Venue: Sam Houston Coliseum & Frank C. Erwin Jr., Special Events Center

Recording: AUD
Quality: 5(-)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Single cam high on the balcony stage right. Terrible picture and audio. It's really blurry and the colors are totally screwed up. Also overly compressed onto DVD. Incomplete. This recording is actually a combination of Houston 85-12-07 and Austin 85-12-08. Right before the audience participation part in Uh! all night Paul says Houston (at about 2:25). Then, right before the missing encores, Paul adresses the crowd as Austin. There is also a slight change in camera angle (you can see more of the faces on the stage floor) before and after the cut right before Love gun (at about 43:57).


Setlist Houston:
Uh! all night
Eric's solo
War machine
I still love you
Under the gun
Bruce's solo
Tears are falling
Gene's solo
I love it loud

Setlist Austin:
Love gun
Rock and roll all nite
Heaven's on fire
Won't get fooled again (cut)
Austin, TX 1985