Date: 86-02-28
Venue: Tarrant County Convention Center

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: IAS "2nd remaster". This version isn't very good either (see my comments on IAS's first remaster). The colors are off with a strange dark quality and a greenish tint. Audio isn't good either sounding more like mono than anything else and suffering from some odd digital artifacts (perhaps due to some restoration work?), somke guitar solos sound like they're played on an old Casio synth using the marimba setting!!! Not worth getting.


Detroit rock city
Fits like a glove
Creatures of the night
Cold gin
Uh! all night
War machine
Love gun
I still love you
I love it loud
Heaven's on fire
Rock and roll all nite
Tears are falling
Won't get fooled again
Fort Worth, TX 1986