Date: 87-11-06
Venue: Market Square Arena

Recording: AUD
Quality: 5(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Single cam on the balcony stage right. Shaky at first but then it gets better (looks like the cam's on a tripod because it gets slightly tilted around Cold gin). Picture is grainy and washed out with no detail at all. It's also very dark. There's also a slight tape problem in the first verse of Calling to you. Audio is decent but it's slightly distorted and there are some parts that are muffled (but you can hear the guy coughing close to the camera very well). Die-hards only. Total time ca. 42 min.


Rip it out (cut)
Something moved
Cold gin
New York groove
Calling to you
Love me right
Shock me
Ace's solo
Rock soldiers
Indianapolis, IN 1987