Date: 87-12-10
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens

Recording: AUD
Quality: 6
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Single cam stage right. It's well-shot but picture quality is poor (high-gen VHS so it's blurry and saturated). Sound is strangely muffled for the first two songs and although it gets better it doesn't get good. It is kind of cool to see Paul throw his guitar when it's not working right for Love gun but that's about the only reason to watch this one (more than once anyway).


Love gun
Cold gin
Bang bang you
Fits like a glove
Crazy crazy nights
Bruce's solo
No no no
Eric's solo
Reason to live
War machine
Heaven's on fire
Gene's solo
I love it loud
Lick it up
Rock and roll all nite
Tears are falling
Detroit rock city
Toronto, Canada 1987