Date: 89-03-11
Venue: The Ritz

Recording: AUD/PRO
Quality: 8(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Excellent upgrade, a huge step up from my previous versions. Audio is a bit uneven but it's a soundboard so it's only a matter of volume. There are also picture problems during Crazy crazy nights (looks like old-school tape warble). Picture quality a touch better (clearer) than the screenshots.


I stole your love
I want you
Tears are falling
Tonight you belong to me
C'mon and love me
Wouldn't you like to know me
Heaven's on fire
Hide your heart
I still love you
Crazy crazy nights
Reason to live
Lick it up
Let's put the 'X' in sex
Love gun
Communication breakdown
Detroit rock city
New York, NY 1989