Date: 90-04-14
Venue: The Stone Pony

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7
Menu: NO
Extras: Partial MTV segment on the New York KISS Convention 1995.
Comments: Single cam at the back of the (very) small venue. Well-shot but the picture is grainy, saturated and short on color. Audio is OK. Unfortunately this is only about half the show. No chapter points also make it a less enjoyable experience. It's cool that Paul sings the first verse to Fits like a glove (when they finally get around to it). Incomplete show.


I stole your love
Heaven's on fire
Fits like a glove (partial)
Oh Susannah
Fits like a glove
Rise to it
C'mon and love me
Calling Dr. Love (partial)
Asbury Park, New Jersey 1990