Date: 90-08-18
Venue: Hirsch Memorial Coliseum

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Single cam on the balcony stage left. Camera-work is excellent but the picture quality is so-so with a slight grain (especially when the picture is dark) and blur. Sadly, Eric's solo is marred by part of the sound rig hiding him from the filmer's view. Audio is terrible, with massive distorsion throughout the show. Partial show.


I stole your love
Heaven's on fire
Crazy crazy nights
Black diamond
Shout it out loud
Calling Dr. Love
I was made for lovin' you
Rise to it
Fits like a glove
Hide your heart
Lick it up
God of thunder
Eric's solo
Cold gin (cut)
Shreveport, Louisiana 1990