Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 6
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Compilation of a number of live and soundcheck performances from the HITS tour. Picture quality is pretty lame throughout, but especially the Reseda footage is crap. Audio varies a lot from decent to dismal (the Reseda audio is all distorsion really). Most of this stuff is available in much better quality on Exposed II.  


Galveston 90.03.11
 - Bikini contest
 - Detroit rock city
Reseda 90.04.25 (soundcheck)
 - Betrayed (cut)
 - Hide your heart
 - C'mon and love me (cut)
 - Forever (cut)
 - Heaven's on fire (cut)
 - Microphone madness
 - Rise to it (cut)
Interview 90.04.25 (backstage)
Lubbock 90.05.02 (rehearsal)
 - Rock and roll all nite (cut)
MTV promo taping 90.05.04
Carrollton 90.07.29 (in-store appearance)
1990 Compilation