Date: 92-11-25
Venue: Club Hollywood

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: 2 DVD. Single cam about center stage. Fairly well-shot but it's a little jerky at times. Picture quality is good but the lighting makes all the detail wash out now and then. Audio is mostly crap. The in-house mix is terrible, where are the drums...?, and it distorts at the drop of a hat. Every now and then all the highs just cut out leaving a muddy, unlistenable slop. This is also missing 2 young 2 di, the better part of Richie's solo and Strutter (according to the setlist at KISS FAQ). Sebastian Bach guesting on the last three songs and the kick-ass setlist are the highlights here.


Setlist disc 1:
Shock Me
Five Card Stud
Breakout (cut)
Shot Full Of Rock
New York Groove
Cold Gin
Rock Soldiers
2,000 Man

Setlist disc 2:
Torpedo Girl/Speeding Back To My Baby/She/Wiped Out/ Hard Times
Rocket Ride
Strange Ways
Rip It Out
Seaside Heights, NJ 1992