Date: 93-12-12
Venue: Pleasure Island

Recording: AUD/PRO
Quality: 8(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Ultimate Edition. Uses the master footage of the soundcheck and audience-shot uncut performances and adds in all the other extras from the other version making this the most complete and, so far, best for this show. It could have used the uncut pro-shot footage from the KVR 1973-1993 20th Anniversary compilation (it has better colors than the version offered here) to bring it up a notch.


- Makin' love
- Medley
- Rock and roll all nite
Pre-show footage
Raw live footage
- Detroit rock city
- Rock and roll all nite (1)
- Rock and roll all nite (2)
- Makin' love
New Year's Eve brodacast
- Rock and roll all nite
- Makin' love
American Bandstand Teen Idols
- Broadcast version
- Raw interview footage
Orlando, FL 1993