Date: 94-09-03
Venue: Estadio Monumental de River Plate

Recording: PRO
Quality: 9(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: Ritmo de la Noche, Much Music special (2 additional songs), interview, soundcheck footage
Comments: Just a hint less grainy than the 2nd upgrade but otherwise it has the same basic look. The audio is good but a little uneven (there's some tape warble in Deuce). The extras are decent, Ritmo de la Noche is completely pixelated and out-of-synch though, and the really interesting part is the soundcheck footage (see bottom two screenshots) even if the audio is a bit distorted for that part. It's nice to get two extra songs from the set as well even if the quality is less than stellar.


Creatures of the night
I stole your love
Cold gin
Watchin' you
I want you
Calling Dr. Love
Makin' love
War machine
Rock and roll all nite

I was made for lovin' you (Much Music Special)
God of thunder (Much Music Special)

Heaven's on fire (Ritmo de la Noche)
I was made for lovin' you (Ritmo de la Noche)

I want you (soundcheck)
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1994