Date: 95-07-23
Venue: Sheraton City Centre

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Single cam right up at the stage on the right. Well-shot with just a slight shake here and there. Lacking color but that might just be the lighting. Picture quality is nice and sharp. Audio is a bit muffled and distorted for the first 50 min or so but after that it gets a lot better (around Rock bottom). Full show.


Comin' home
Goin' blind
(Nowhere to run)
Sure know something
Nothin' to lose
A world without heroes
(Love her all I can)
Do you love me
Take me
(Kissin' time)
Calling Dr. Love
Got to choose
(Strange ways)
Rock bottom
(God of thunder)
See you tonite
(Magic touch)
Christine sixteen
Hard luck woman
Let's put the X in sex
C'mon and love me
Plaster caster
I still love you
(All the way)
100,000 years
Heaven's on fire
Lick it up
Cold gin
Mr. Speed
Rock and roll all nite
I love it loud
Detroit rock city
Cleveland, Ohio 1995