Date: 95-11-09
Venue: Tuxedo Junction

Recording: SEMI-PRO
Quality: 8(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Multi-cam in-house with soundboard audio. Picture quality is very good, just a little grainy and shaky. Audio is OK but it's distorted and has quite a few dropouts. The audio is what brings the rating down.


Watchin' you
Shock me
Trouble walkin'
Speeding back to my baby
Strange ways (Peter on vocals)
Nothin' to lose (Peter on vocals)
Rock and roll all nite
Cold gin
New York groove
Makin' love
Love her all I can
2 young 2 die
Richie's solo
Detroit rock city
Rocket ride
Love gun
Ace's solo
Deuce/White room/I don't need no doctor/
Danbury, CT 1995