Date: 96-07-12
Venue: The Mark of the Quad Cities

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7
Menu: NO
Extras: Shout it out loud '96 (video)
Comments: Master. Single cam on the balcony stage left. Filmer moves slightly more left during Watchin' you. Very shaky and the filmer misses the mark more than once. Picture quality is very nice, just a little grainy and "washed-out". Audio is good for the most part, just a bit muffled in the highs but nicely balanced, but there are some spots where it goes bad. The transfer goes all wrong during Black diamond. Total time about 90 min.


King of the night time world
Do you love me?
Calling Dr. Love
Cold gin
Love gun
Shout it out loud
Watchin' you
Shock me
Ace's solo
Rock bottom
Gene's solo
God of thunder
New York groove
100,000 years
Black diamond (cut)
Moline, IL 1996