Date: 96-12-08
Venue: Spektrum

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: 2-cam mix; one extreme stage right, the other slightly stage left. Fairly well-shot. The picture quality is much better on the right side shots and that's where most of the footage is from. Audio is tinny and distant. There is a menu, of sorts, but it doesn't allow song selection.


King of the night time world
Do you love me?
Calling Dr. Love
Cold gin
Watchin' you
I stole your love
Shock me
Let me go, rock 'n' roll
Shout it out loud
I was made for lovin' you
C'mon and love me
God of thunder
New York groove
Love gun
100,000 years
Black diamond
Detroit rock city
Rock and roll all nite
Oslo, Norway 1996