Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 6-8(+)
Menu: NO (but a good SA menu)
Extras: None
Comments: Various TV clips from the late 70's. Some are less than stellar but overall this is a decent comp. The clip from Balinge Byfest is the best I've seen but there's still room for improvement.


People's Choice Awards 1977 (05:11)

Portland 1977 news clip (02:40)

Nightbird 1977 (14:43)
- Alison Steele interview

Land of Hype and Glory (17:05)

PM Magazine 1978 (06:17)

News 4 Indiana 1978 (03:44)

Swedish TV 1980 (06:15)
- Gluggen (promo footage)
- Balinge Byfest
Alex's Goodie Bag vol. 3