Recording: COMP
Quality: 7(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: None

Comments: Various clips covering a wide span in time. Varying quality as usual for comps. The Creatures footatge is roughly the same as on various other comps, the Winnipge footage is black-and-white and available in much better quality these days (see here). The 92-99 TV footage is very good to excellent, the interview with Vinnie from the 96 expo is very odd, and the amateur footage of the bowling session is OK but mildly interesting.


Creatures of the night - Radio Video pit-shot (Montreal 1983)
Detroit rock city - Winnipeg 1985
Countdown - Unholy/God gave rock 'n roll to you II (Holland 1992)
TV6 Special 1996 (Sweden)
ZTV Special 1999 (Sweden)
Ace and Gene Bowling (Stockholm 1999)
Alex's Goodie Bag vol. 5 (1983-1999)