Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 9(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Dual Layer disc compiling the known footage documenting the making of the Crazy Crazy Nights video. It's a bit tedious to watch the separate angles but at least the soundtrack isn't all one song (it's the entire CCN album plus a few other songs and some live recording). Video quality looks the same as the 2 DVD Making of... (uncut) on this site. I listed the angles and bonus footage below should anyone interested.


Paul left closeup
Gene left closeup
Gene left waist up
Group crane spiral shot
Group multi-cam
Live crowd shots
Fire breathing
Paul left closeup
Gene left closeup
Group left waist up
Bruce right closeup
Group closeup multi-cam
Live crowd distant center
Group crane shot
Group crane spiral shot
Eric spiral closeup
Bruce right closeup
Group center floor shot
Group spiral closeup
Live group shot with crowd
Live crowd stage shots
Live crowd shots
More fire breathing
Eric low behind the kit
Group center spiral closeup
Eric center spiral closeup
Group floor roaming spiral
Eric left behind the kit
Various stage & crowd shots
Rough edit
Interview with Paul and Gene
Loyal fans
Amateur footage
Anthology: The Making of Crazy Crazy Nights