Date: 85-12-??
Venue: ???

Recording: AUD
Quality: 5
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Hard to tell if this is from one source or many (possibly three). There are at least two distinctly different angles but the filmer could easily have moved. The only clue to where it might be is that it is early in the tour as the faces are still on the stage floor. Shaky, dark and without any real detail this is just for the die-hards. Has overdubbed audio of various KISS songs. About 11 min.


Creatures of the night
Detroit rock city
Cold gin
Fits like a glove
Gimme more
War machine
I love it loud
I still love you
Young and wasted
Love gun
All hell's breakin' loose
Black diamond
Lick it up
Rock and roll all nite
Asylum 8mm footage