Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 9(+)
Menu: NO
Comments:  Excellent, and probably very exhaustive, compilation covering the Australian trip in 1995. Quality is excellent for all of disc 1, looks like 1st gen or better, but a little more varied for disc 2. Audio is nice and crisp for the most part but curiously it is mono in places.


Contents disc 1:

95.02.13 TV ad (2 versions)
Channel 8 news (2 versions)
Channel 10 news (KISS wedding, 2 versions)
Channel 10 (convention)
Channel 7 news (Perth airport)
Channel 10 (convention)
Channel 10 (convention full uncut)
Channel 10 interview (Paul and Bruce)
Interview fan footage
Video Hits competition outtakes (3 versions)
Video Hits promos (aired, 4 versions)
- including promo videos
Polygram Sound Value ad (7 versions for various retailers)
The Late Show with David Letterman
- Christine Sixteen w/ Gin Blossoms

Contents disc 2:
Wanted Dead or Alive TV ad (3 versions)
Instant Replay (Dan Hartmann video w/ Vinnie)
Video Hits outtakes (6 versions)
Rage Countdown phone interview (July 1980)
The Footy Show 1995
The Times interview (w/ backstage + show footage)
Channel 7 raw footage
- airport greeting
- convention Q&A
- acoustic set
- convention exhibit
Channel 7 news (Melbourne)
Channel 7 news (Perth, 2 versions)

Ace Live +4
Australian Media Collection 1995