Recording: COMP.
Quality: 5-6
Menu: YES
Comments: Kind of an all-purpose blooper reel from various points in KISStory. Looks to be a YouTube compilation because all of this is around in much better quality (the only good quality is the backstage footage from 2000). Now, the quality I could live with but a lot of these clips center on playing mistakes or missed lyrics (Gene's favourite pastime), and I can't for the life of me understand why there's a f***king soundtrack of unrelated KISS songs going on in the right channel. Add to this a few clips from official material in abysmal quality. A totally useless compilation.


Ace blows Black diamond
Fire on stage
Gene forgets lyrics again
Gene forgets lyrics
Gene's hair catches fire
Gene gets stuck
Gene tries to fly
Guitar tech takes both guitars
KISS backstage 1992
KISS stops show
Love gun mess-up
Paul and Ace gets stuck
Paul drops microphone
Paul gets stuck over the crowd
Paul sings Deuce
Paul sings for Gene
Peter messes up
Too much smoke
Backstage 2000
Farewell tour retrospective
Crazy Nights - The Bloopers