Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 5-7(-)
Menu: YES
Comments: Silent 8mm footage from the circulating shows of the '76 and '80 tours. Very informative menu screens. Gothenburg '80 (NOT Stockholm, that was apparently filmed but isn't circulating) is synched to original audio which isn't bad. Copenhagen seems to be Super8. Not much better, if at all, it's kind of hard to tell at times, than what's been doing the rounds on other comps. so far.



Stockholm 76.05.28 ver. 1
Stockholm 76.05.28 ver. 2
Lund 76.05.30
Gothenburg 80.10.10
Copenhagen 80.10.11
Drammen 80.10.13
Alex's Goodie Bag vol. 6 - Scandinavian 8mm