Recording: TV
Quality: 9(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: See below
Comments: The KISSology vol. II special is excellent quality but rather low on content (think a 45-min infomercial). Gene and Paul doesn't really say anything new and the clips are pretty much all from the DVD set or is stock footage from other releases. The other footage is passable quality, about 8(-) for most things, and at least one thing, the Grammy nominations presented by Gene, was new to me.


KISSology vol. II VH-1 special (2007)
KISSology vol. II ad (2007)
Entertainment this week - Grammy nominations (1985)
MTV News - Gene (1986)
Channel 8 - Gene on Runuaway (1988)
MTV - Asylum tour dates (1985)
The hitchiker TV ad
KISSology vol. II special (VH-1)