Recording: COMP.
Quality: 6(+)
Menu: YES
Comments: Compilation of various clips in mostly crappy quality. All of this is available in better quality elsewhere. This collection is anything but rare.


Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve
- Rock and roll all nite
- Makin' love
ABC New year's Eve 1996
- Rock and roll all nite
Arsenio Hall 1993
- Detroit rock city
- Deuce
Celebrity Death Match 1999
TNT Nitro
- God of thunder
MTV Video Awards 1996
- Rock and roll all nite
Bananas 1983
- All hell's breakin' loose
RAI Uno 1982
- Creatures of the night
Conan O' Brian 1995
- Comin' home
- Domino
American Bandstand 50th Anniversary
- Detroit rock city
Fridays 1981
- I
- Is that you
KISS saves Santa
Rock Pop 1980
- Talk to me
Fridays 1981
- The Oath
The Tonight Show with Jay leno
- Hard luck woman (Garth Brooks with KISS)
Winter Olympics 2002
- Rock and roll all nite
MTV Unmasking 1983
Rare TV Collection