Recording: TV
Quality: 7-9
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Compiled by martyt. A few clips I hadn't seen before which was nice. Quality varies a bit but the overall impression is very good. It always bugged me that Gene adopted the "hardcore" stance around this time where he felt he had to criticise the precious ten years of KISS as pop crap.


The Metal Hammer interview
Out and About report - 92.03.XX
Interview on "OI" - 92.05.14
MTV News
UK Tour TV ad
Live in London
- I stole your love
- Deuce
MTV News (2 segments)
I just wanna promo video
Countdown performance - 92.06.01
- God gave rock 'n roll to you (II)
MCM KISS Special
MCM outtakes
Videomusic Special - 92.06.08
Superclassifica - 92.06.28
Revenge Compilation (1992)