Recording: COMP
Quality: 7(-)/8
Menu: YES
Extras: None

Comments: 4 DVD. Curiously titled since these discs aren't exclusively Revenge-era material nor is there anything on here that I think can be dubbed "rare" (as in it can all, save one or two clips, be found on other comps). Quality varies a bit over the course of the 4 discs but is generally good to very good. Hardly essential if you have anything else from the time period but a good "cover-all-the-bases" comp. for the casual fan.


Contents disc 1:
God gave rock 'n roll to you (II) (promo)
Tonight live 92.05.05
Revenge release party 92.05.11
Wembley Arena 92.05.21
Countdown 92.05.28
Countdown outtakes
Headbanger's Ball 92.11.01
Nedw Year's Rockin' Eeve interview
Ritmo de la Noche 94.09.04
MTV Most Wanted 94.03.19

Contents disc 2:
Headbanger's Ball 92.05.31
Every time I lok at you (promo)
MTV Coca Cola report 94.07.04
MTV Coca Cola report 94.07.27
Domino (promo)
Much Music (Argentina) 94.09.03
Chile 94.09.01

Contents disc 3:
Foundations Forum 93 (pt. 1)
Monday Night Football
Foundations Forum 93 (pt. 2)
Frank Sinatra tribute
Triumph and agony
I just wanna (promo)
Conan O'Brian
MTV News 1995
Conan O'Brian - Conventions '95
Criss - Show me

Contents disc 4:
Wembley Arena 92.05.21
MTV News
MTV Most Wanted
MTV Most Wanted rehearsals
MTV Eric Carr tribute
Every time I look at you
Revenge Rarities (1992-1995)