Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 4/7
Menu: NO
Comments: A compilation of various clips from 1976 to 1986 (although it's been listed at times as 1976-1990) that's poorly put together. As usual this varies a bit in quality but overall it's OK. Plenty of stuff that's seen in better versions elsewhere but also some things I hadn't seen before. Now somebody find the unedited news reel from the Palladium show!!


Paul Lynde Halloween Special 1976
- Detroit rock city
- Beth
- Interview
People's Choice Award
- Beth (Detroit)
- Lydia Criss accepting
Alive II TV commercial
Double Platinum TV commercial
MSG 1979 TV commercial
Palladium 1980 news clip
The Elder TV commercial
Creatures of the night TV commercial
Guest VJs Gene and Paul on MTV 1986
Rock Against Drugs - Gene's spot
Cold Gin from Tokyo 1977
Alive II long-form promo
Billy Crystal interviews KISS 1979
Pre-show interview 1979
MSG 1979 news report 1979
Kramer at large 1979
Winnipeg 1985
- Detroit rock city
Smashes, thrashes and hits TV commercial
Unmasked TV commercial
Radio 1990 - Thrills in the nights video
Muscular dystrophy telethon 1979
I was made for lovin' you video
Sure know something video
TV Bits 1976-1986