Quality: 4-7(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Compilation of various unmasked clips. Varying quality as always and all these clips have appeared on a number of different comps. This is menued with a simple Nero animated menu which I'm, unfortunately, not able to capture.


Radio 1990 report on
KISS Army Rome TV report
Super Channel
TV commercial for 90.07.07 show
Dusseldorf news report (1984)
Dusseldorf fan footage (1984)
Music Plus Gene interview (1990)
Animalize album commercials
Paul on RTL (1987)
Promo for Paul hosting on MTV (1984)
Hardrock interview (Swedish TV 1983)
Barnjournalen (Swedish TV 1983)
Thrills in the night video (1984)
Veronica's Strandrace (1984)
Unmasked Vol 1: 1983-1990