Vinnie Vincent European Compilation
Recording: COMP.
Quality: 5-7
Menu: NO (just a menu screen)
Comments: Various clips from European TV back in the day. Mostly stuff from Sky Channel. Quality is mediocre throughout, looks like a 4th or 5th gen VHS (and sometimes worse), and there's some white noise to the audio. Some interesting things: the first Sky airing of the video gets a less than enthusiastic reception; Vinnie's mention of having an 8-album deal with Chrysalis...


Sky Trax - VVI blurb
Sky Channel - Boyz are gonna rock (video)
Sky Trax
- VVI 1st album review
- Boyz are gonna rock (video)
Tele 5 Hard Rock News (German TV)
- news item
- This time of year (video)
MTV (Australia?)
- Nightmare on Elm Street 4 "promo"
- Love kills (video)
MTV "promo"
Stereo Video call-in show (Florida?)