Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 3-7(-)
Menu: NO
Extras: A very elaborate intro
Comments: A 3-hour clip collection with lots of different 8 mm sources. Quality varies but is generally poor. Audio is overdubbed from other sources, some better than others, some are even form the wrong era. The rating range is from the opening clips in '77 and Stockholm '76 which are total crap to the Colorado '76 and Long Beach '74 footage which are actually enjoyable. (The pro-shot Manchester footage isn't really included in the rating since it's an anomaly in this compilation.) The footage from '80 is almost certainly the first available footage with Eric Carr (parts of his drum solo is included but overdubbed with mismatched audio). The Swedish footage from '76 (not sure whether it's Lund or Gothenburg) is mislabeled as Gothenburg '80.


77.08.26 The Forum, Los Angeles (ver. 1 B&W)
77.08.26 The Forum, Los Angeles (ver. 2)
75.03.21 Beacon Theatre, New York (ver. 1)
75.03.21 Beacon Theatre, New York (ver. 2)
77.XX.XX Alive II tour
76.XX.XX Denver
77.XX.XX Florida
77.XX.XX Unknown origin
79.XX.XX Salt Lake City
80.XX.XX Unknown origin
1977-79 "US Concert Sampler Reel"
75.XX.XX Unknown origin
76.12.15 Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo (silent)
79.09.22 Universal Amphitheatre, Chicago
76.XX.XX Sweden
76.05.13 Manchester, England (pro-shot)
76.05.28 Grona Lund, Stockholm (ver. 1)
80.10.10 Scandinavium, Gothenburg
74.02.17 Long Beach Auditorium, Long Beach
77.07.24 Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver
77.11.17 Mc Nichols Sports Arena, Denver (silent)
78.01.11 Huntington Civic Center, Huntington
79.09.10 Huntington Civic Center, Huntington
78.05.19 Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Valencia
76.XX.XX Unknown origin (B&W)
77.08.12 Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle
76.07.28 Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis
76.12.03 Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Jackson
77.02.18 Madison Square Garden, New York
76.05.28 Grona Lund, Stockholm (ver. 2)
76.XX.XX Unknown origin
75.XX.XX Unknown origin
75.12.18 The Palace Theatre, Waterbury
The Lost 8 mm Reels