Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 9(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: A collection of semi-documentary specials from various countries in 1992. Most alernate promo videos, 1992 interviews and a few old clips. Helt OKEJ contains the best version of the Hotter than hell TV ad I've yet to see. Overall the quality is good: picture is slightly grainy and varies in quality a bit between clips, audio suffers a few cracks and pops here and there.


Helt OKEJ - KISS Special (ZTV)
Diezel KISS Special (TV4)
Giga KISS Secial (French TV)
Headbanger's Ball - X-treme Closeup report (MTV)
Metropolis Front Line (Italian TV)
Video News - X-treme Closeup (French TV)
Headbanger's Ball - Revenge tour report (MTV)
New releases - KISS Revenge
News Clip - Revenge release (Australian TV)
Countdown (singback)
- Unholy
- God gave rock n' roll to you II
Interview (??)
Revenge TV Mania