Recording: COMPILATION        
Quality: 8
Menu: NO
Comments: Italian fan compilation. The live footage from Plymouth is excellent but only show excerpts of 16 songs. The rest is mildly interesting and varying in quality.


Unholy (Nosferatu fan edit)
Convention at the Astoria, London 92.05.21
Meeting the band - Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth 92.05.24
Live at Plymouth Pavilions 92.05.24
Meeting Danger Danger (opening act)
Meeting the band - Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham 92.05.25
KISS rarities on display
Meeting the band - Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham 92.05.26
Revenge promo night - La Locomotive, Paris 92.05.31
Virgin Megastore Paris signing 92.06.01
Foundations Forum (various live footage w. poor synch)
The Revenge Years